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Nintendo’s OLED Switch arrives October 8, priced at $350

So much for the big E3 reveal. Weeks after the big gaming show, Nintendo has finally taken the wraps off the latest iteration of its wildly popular hybrid gaming console. The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) [parentheses theirs] will arrive on October 8, priced at $350. That is, the company’s quick to note, the same day it launches Metroid Dread, the long-awaited latest side scrolling entry in the long-standing franchise.

The system sports a 7-inch OLED, improved audio and 64 GB of internal storage. The hybrid dock sports a wired LAN port, and the system ships with an adjustable port for playing in tabletop mode. There’s a sharp black and white color scheme, though the remainder of the materials looks to be similar to the earlier model, with most of that price bump going to the display. The company will also be offering a separate carrying case, because you don’t want to get the fancy screen on your new $350 system scratched.