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UK councils cash in on parking charges – Do you live in these top 10 hotspots?

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UK top ten parking charge hotspots have been revealed

New data has revealed that councils raked in a whopping £338 million on penalty charges alone in 2016. 

The total UK parking income exceeded £1.5billion in 2015-16 an increase of four per cent, according to the data by RAC. 

In the report titled ‘Local Authority Parking Finances in England 2015-16’ it was revealed that income from on-street tickets and permits totalled £483million. 

Off-street penalties totalled £682million whilst on-street fines produced £338 million in revenue. 

London accounted for almost £600 million of the income collected over that period with outside the capital collecting £906million. 

Outside the capital penalty charges are typically lower with £70 being the usual fee for motorists. In London, however, serious parking offence can run up to £110 or £130. 

The total parking income is equivalent to approximately £58 per year per person.

In response to this latests data, Click4reg.co.uk decided to analyse exactly which areas of the UK are receiving the highest income from parking charges. 

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Brighton and Hove council landed the top spot for the highest parking income at £28.7million, the 9th largest income in England outside London. 

Parking charges, especially those considered excessive, is certainly an emotive issue.

Elie Fakhoury, MD at Click4reg

Nottingham Council took the 2nd place spot with £20.9million. 

The largest increase in income collected by a council went to Bristol who saw an increase of 22 per cent, followed by Milton Keynes (16 per cent). 

Elie Fakhoury, MD at Click4reg comments: “Parking charges, especially those considered excessive, is certainly an emotive issue. 

“Look at recent news: holiday-makers imposing on residential parking just to avoid paying a charge at Luton Airport!

“Yes, parking charges can be laughable – but they are necessary. 

“Motorists need structure, rules – but it’s about being smart. 

“Weigh up the options available to you, locally or further afield. 

“Don’t just settle for the most convenient, or popular parking as rates are often far higher.”

Top ten councils cashing in on penalty parking charges

Brighton and Hove: £28.7 million

Nottingham: £20.9 million

Birmingham: £18.3 million

Bristol:£16.5 million

Cornwall: £15.7 million

Manchester: £15.5 million

Newcastle Upon Tyne: £15.1 million

Milton Keynes:£13.8 million

Guildford:£12.1 million

Leeds: £11.2 million

A Brighton & Hove council spokesperson: “Brighton & Hove’s surplus from on-street parking for 2015/16 is £12.69 million and from off-street parking is £2.6 million. 

“These are the actual figures the council has left after all the outgoing costs of enforcement, administration, maintaining parking machines, and reviewing or introducing new schemes have been taken into account.

“Financial returns such as those used by the RAC do not include all these expenditures.

“Nearly all of the parking surplus is spent on providing 46,000 free bus passes for older and disabled people, which the council has a legal duty to provide. 

“For the year 2015/16 this was £10.75 million, with just over £1 million invested back into supporting bus services and the remainder going on other transport benefits such as traffic light improvements, walking facilities and school travel plans.”

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