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Trifecta adds Beyond Meat’s products to its organic prepared food delivery service

Organic meal delivery service Trifecta is partnering with Beyond Meat to bring the company’s plant-based meat replacements to its prepared meal and a la carte delivery service, the companies said today.

Unlike its biggest competitor, Impossible Foods  (which chose to go a business-to-business route supplying its meat replacement to restaurants), Beyond Meat primarily went through the grocery store aisle to reach consumers. This marks the first time that prepared Beyond Meat foods will be available through a delivery service.

The provision of plant-based proteins will compliment Trifecta’s prepared food offerings for consumers looking for keto, vegan, vegetarian, paleo or other diets, the company said.

“With Trifecta fast becoming a household name within the health and fitness community, we did not have a high protein, low carb, low saturated fat option for our plant-based product lines, so Beyond Meat was a perfect fit for us,” said Greg Connolly, Trifecta’s chief executive, in a statement.

Trifecta meals only use USDA Organic ingredients that are never frozen and are either wild caught or grass fed, the company said. It also offers an option for customers to choose their own meals based on macronutrient needs. The company said its food items arrive in a refrigerated case, fully cooked and are ready to eat. Its direct to consumer meals are available in all 50 states.


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