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The Mini of the future has been revealed and not everyone is going to be happy about it

Mini Vision 100PH

Future Mini has been revealed depicting something that may upset traditionalists

As BMW looks to launch the next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 we take a look at the company’s future Vision for the car. 

Mini is less than a week away from officially revealing the new Electric Mini to the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017.

It is based on the standard three-door petrol model but comes with electric power, new technologies and bolder styling. 

is finished in a contrasting silver and yellow colour scheme and features exclusive alloys, custom headlights and a completely redesigned bumper and grille. 

Production of the vehicle will begin in 2019 at the BMW factory in Oxford. 

This is the first step the manufacturer is taking towards electrification but last year Mini revealed its Vision 100 concept which depicts what the Mini could look like in future. 

Mini Vision 100 is a radical and futuristic reimagining of an icon. The four-seater looks to be set up for autonomous travel but the steering wheel and pedals still remain which indicates that drivers will still be able to chose. 

The exterior has been completely redesigned and the essence and charm of the Mini’s retro looks invariably lost. 

New Mini Vision 100PH

New look Mini Vision 100 exterior design

The smooth rounded curves at the front, large curved front and rear fenders and completely glass front have been added replacing the camper, grille and bonnet. 

he MINI VISION NEXT 100 shows how MINI’s unique take on the world could look in the future

Head of MINI Design Anders Warming

If it wasn’t for the Mini badge you’d be forgiven if you didn’t know which manufacturer the car belonged to. 

Inside the cabin has also been overhauled. It’s incredibly minimal with bench style seating. The complete glass front-end creates light and space inside the cabin and allows the dashboard to be moved future forward creating more room. 

BMW has said the car’s exterior can tailor self to the driver and its ‘blank canvas’ silver skin can adapt according to the occupant’s mood, and the situations they encounter. 

In pictures revealed different designs can appear in LED lights on the skin including a heart. 

The colour of the roof and interior mood lighting also can change based on these factors. 

On the dash is only three elements – the steering wheel, a control knob and a circular screen. 

The Cooperizer is the circular instrument planted on the dashboard. 

It illuminates like a kaleidoscope and allows drivers to select personalised settings for the car which encompass entertainment, communications and autonomous driving. 

The rotary control knob can be used to make adjustments to the cabin, driving mode and ambience while driving. 

Mini Vision 100PH

The car’s exterior can react to the driver’s mood

BMW says it will still drive like a Mini and retain its nimble and quick driving character but be zero-emissions and have the ability to drive itself. 

Ride-sharing is also part of the vision with the next Mini and BMW says it can also coordinate events for people with similar interests.

They describe one example of the service as “A MINI user in the future is interested in a certain type of art and a friend gets hold of some last-minute tickets to a preview for an exhibition they might like.

“The Vision Vehicle identifies what’s involved, and coordinates and organises the whole excursion. 

Mini Vision 100PH

The bold new exterior of the Mini Vision 100

“The drive itself becomes part of a perfectly arranged service. MINI calls this vision of the future experience sharing.

Head of MINI Design Anders Warming sums up the most important aspects of the car: “The MINI VISION NEXT 100 shows how MINI’s unique take on the world could look in the future. The driving experience remains the emotional centrepiece, with effortless and seamless services grouped around it.”

Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, describes MINI’s vision for the future: “MINI looks to offer smart and bespoke mobility in cities that engages all the senses. And in the future, you might not actually have to own a vehicle to enjoy the benefits.”

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