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Smartphone cases aren't just for poor people

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Google may push Huawei out of favor with consumers and slow down the vendor’s global sales.

Smartphones are expensive, they are an integral part of our lives, and they are fragile and a headache to replace.

Must readiPhone cases are only for poor people

Just because a consumer psychologist thinks that it’s “no big deal” to break an iPhone doesn’t mean that this is a sane and sensible way to go through the world.

“I’m above the possibility of damaging my phone, and if I do, no big deal because I can shell out for a new screen,” consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow told Vox.

Sure. Shelling out on a new display for an iPhone – especially if you have AppleCare warranty – is not a huge cost. And it’s also no big deal if you live a few minutes away from an Apple Store and can pop in during a lunch break.

But this isn’t the reality of things for many.

A broken smartphone can mean unexpected costs, added time pressures, missed work and family communications, and forced separation from being able to carry out day-to-day activities.

There’s also the potential for unexpected data loss.

Even if you’re in a financial and social position where you can effortlessly replace a broken smartphone, the process of setting it up and reconfiguring things takes time and effort. Even as someone comfortable and familiar with the process, it’s not something I want to undertake unnecessarily.

Then there’s the environmental pressure that e-waste creates.

I don’t see smartphone cases and screen protectors as something for poor people. They’re a smart – and low-cost – way to protect a valuable object.

Do you have your smartphone stored safely in a case? Let me know!

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