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New Volvo XC40 interior will be the height of functionality, here is why

Volvo XC40 2017 VOLVO

New Volvo XC40 2017 has a driver focused interior space

Volvo SUVs that have been revealed over the past years have been huge successes.

The XC90 is a good-looking, practical and premium SUV and the smaller is a more compact and sporty offering.

Later this year Volvo is introducing the , a smaller and more compact version off the latter mentioned car.

It seems however that instead of just condensing the XC60’s proportions and slapping a different badge on the back, the Swedish manufacturer is aiming to make the SUV a beacon of functionality.

A few weeks ago Volvo unveiled its ambitions to create a highly personalisible and unique interior design using premium materials. 

Adding to the improved quality, bolder and more funky styling, Volvo is also aiming for the available space to be immensely practical and functional. 

In a video explaining the car’s new interior design, we see what looks like an office desk and two cabinets. 

At first it seems like a strange metaphor for a car’s interior but it becomes immediately apparent that all these items have a particular place on board the new car. 

Volvo has focused on the modern driver and what they actually want and need from their car.

We set out to solve these and many other issues we encountered

Louiza Atcheba, Model Brand Manager for the 40 series at Volvo Cars

Volvo also claims that their new vehicle will lead the way in the small SUV segment in terms of space, storage and all-round functionality. 

Its inception was based on observations on how ‘city-dwellers’ used their vehicles every day in an extensive research project. 

“As we spoke to people about how and where they store the things they carry with them daily, it was quite clear that most of today’s cars are falling short in this area. 

“Phones slide around in the mid-console, takeaway bags are at constant risk of falling over and people fumble behind the wheel as they try to get service cards out of their wallets.


New interior is based on the desires and requirements of drivers

“We set out to solve these and many other issues we encountered,” says Louiza Atcheba, Model Brand Manager for the 40 series at Volvo Cars.

One of these ideas was removing the speakers from the doors, a common practice that has been around for decades, to make way for space to carry large water bottles, laptops and tablets. 

Now the subwoofer is located in the dashboard and is the first air-ventilated dashboard-mounted subwoofer in the world. 

“When we designed the tunnel, the focus was not only on creating a nice design, but also to ensure that cupholders can be used as cupholders and that the design itself provides areas for coins, cards or charging cables. 

Volvo XC60 2017PH

The new XC60 has been incredibly well received since it went on sale earlier this year

“Another focus area was to make a usable space for your phone that offers wireless charging as well as USB ports,” said Conny Ewe Blommé, Senior Design Manager at Volvo Cars.

A small foldable hook which has been added to the glove compartment allows a handbag, takeaway bag or small shopping bag to be secured while driving. 

Under the seat is a discreet storage space to store a tablet or other smaller items. 

On the dashboard there is also a number of slots for credit and service cars which makes them readily available when the car needs to be refuelled, at toll barriers or drive thus. 

Another simple innovation is the introduction of a small waste bin to stop clutter in the car (just make sure you on’t forget to empty it.)

In the boot, we have designed a smart floor system which folds and can separate your luggage, and allows you to use the full luggage space without removing the floor from the car. The rear-seat electronic folding mechanism gives you a flat loading floor at the touch of a button,” says Conny Ewe Blommé

A fold-up boot divider with two hooks has been designed to stop shopping bags and other luggage from slipping around.

In addition to this, every mini innovation is at an arms reach of the driver, meaning you don’t have to stretch or be distracted by these things. 

The Xc40 is shaping up to be a consumer-minded product influenced by consumers.

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