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Los Angeles 2018 Motor Show: Get California dreaming

los angeles 20108 motor show car manufacturers



Price: est from £50,000

On sale: 2020

We love our Jeep Wranglers here on the motoring desk and we especially love this new Gladiator pick-up.

Essentially a longer version of the fourdoor Wrangler, the Gladiator offers both greater practicality and 4×4 ability in a package that will be very tempting in the continued absence of a new Land Rover Defender.

Offered in four different trim levels including the go-anywhere flagship Rubicon, European versions of the Gladiator will get a 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel engine with 260bhp linked to an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The rear loading area gets the choice of hard or soft roll-back tonneau covers while there’s also a clever clip-in detachable, weatherproof Bluetooth speaker.

los angeles 20108 motor show car manufacturers



Price: est from £104,000 

On sale: May

The Mercedes AMG-GT supercar is four years old and has been given a midlife spruce-up with a host of changes and a new racing-inspired GT R Pro model for those who frequent track days at race circuits.

Having adopted the digital instrument display from the GT four-door coupe, there are changes throughout the cabin while alterations to the exterior include new lights.

Under the skin there is new suspension and a new traction control system.

And with a 0-to-60mph time of 3.7 seconds and 196mph top speed, it’s as fast as ever.

los angeles 20108 motor show car manufacturers



est from £31,500

On sale: autumn 2019

It’s fair to say that Kia’s Soul has never really set showrooms alight in the UK as it has done elsewhere in the world (most notably in the US).

Despite in our opinion having lots going for it, buyers have never really warmed to it, so this new all-electric version might be the perfect answer.

With a 64kw battery pack borrowed from Kia’s latest e-Niro and an electric motor equivalent to 204bhp, this new Soul EV still has an easily recognisable shape, plus sharper lines than before and an estimated 300-mile range.

And with a temptingly likely £31,500 price tag when it arrives in the autumn, we think this Soul has all the ingredients to be a hit for 2019.

los angeles 20108 motor show car manufacturers



Price: from £83,270

On sale: April

No sooner have we driven the new BMW 8-Series coupe than the Bavarian firm is taking the wraps off this new convertible version.

Two versions of the new 8-Series will be available from its April launch, a 530bhp 4.4-litre V8 in the 850i and a 3.0-litre turbo-diesel in the 840d, both of which come with four-wheel drive.

With its top capable of being lowered in just 15 seconds, the look of this convertible emphasises the sleek lines of the 8-Series, especially with the thin rear lights and the shape really suits the car.

With a go-faster M8 Coupe already in the pipeline for introduction next year, expect to see that performance model combined with this convertible in the future.

los angeles 20108 motor show car manufacturers



Price: est from £110,000

On sale: late 2019

With Audi’s new e-tron SUV arriving in showrooms in early 2019 the firm is wasting no time in expanding its plug-in range.

This e-tron GT will be the base for a sporting four-door saloon grand tourer that will go into production next year.

This e-tron GT has a 95kw battery on board, it has a 248-mile range on a full charge and manages 0-to-60mph in 3.5 seconds.

Crucially, Audi has future-proofed this e-tron GT for potential changes to the recharging network.

It can recharge its batteries to 80 per cent in just 20 minutes and it will be capable of being charged wirelessly via a contactless induction charging pad mounted in the GT’s floor – technology that Audi will offer as an option.

los angeles 20108 motor show car manufacturers

MAZDA 3 (Image: MAZDA)


Price: est from £18,500

On sale: May/June

Taking on the Ford Focus and VW Golf in the family hatchback class is no one’s idea of an easy task, but this Mazda 3 looks up to the challenge.

Available as a hatchback or four-door saloon, it gets Mazda’s latest SkyActiv engine family with a mild-hybrid system fitted to the petrol engines plus a new high-tech engine for improved fuel economy.

For the first time in many years on a small Mazda, there will also be the option of four-wheel drive.

los angeles 20108 motor show car manufacturers



Price: from £175,100

On sale: May

Although not at the show itself, Bentley unveiled its new Continental GT Convertible in Los Angeles on the eve of the event, with the Californian sun being perfect for roof-down driving.

Like its coupe stablemate, the convertible features the same 6.0-litre 12-cylinder engine with 635bhp and jaw-dropping performance with a 0-to-60mph time of just 3.7 seconds and a toupee-tugging top speed of 207mph.

Crucially, the GT’s body is now a fifth lighter than before and, as you’d expect from a Bentley, refinement is promised to be better than ever with the Crewe firm claiming that the new roof makes the cabin as quiet as the old coupe.

Completing the very British nature of the GT is the fact that you can also choose a tweed roof for the first time.

If that wasn’t enough to keep you warm, there are also on-board heaters for the seat, steering wheel, neck and even the armrest.

los angeles 20108 motor show car manufacturers



Price: from £93,110

On sale: March

This is the eighth generation of Porsche 911 and it’s bigger and more powerful than ever.

Longer and wider than before, this S version will be the first to go on sale with its 3.0-litre turbo-petrol engine with 450bhp in standard or 4S four-wheel drive forms.

los angeles 20108 motor show car manufacturers

On sale from March (Image: PORSCHE)

All initial cars will also come with a new eight-speed twin-clutch semi-automatic, with the manual and standard non-S versions of the 911 joining the range later next year as, eventually, will cabriolet and targa derivatives.

Weighing in some eight stone heavier, this latest 911’s new look is sure to divide some enthusiasts, especially with its distinctive single light bar running across the back of the car.

The new variable position rear spoiler, which is much wider than before, might split opinion too although the car does look better in the metal.

los angeles 20108 motor show car manufacturers

Inside is an all-new interior with a 10.9in central touchscreen along with new options (Image: PORSCHE)

What is impressive though, given the 911’s 191mph top speed, is its creditable economy and emissions at 31.7mpg and 205g/km – perhaps not a priority for many but still impressive.

Inside is an all-new interior with a 10.9in central touchscreen along with new options such as a thermal imaging camera and a certain level of autonomous driving with adaptive cruise control.

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