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Imverse’s groundbreaking mixed reality renders you inside VR

What if you could look down and see your actual arms and legs inside VR, or look at other real-world people or objects as if you weren’t wearing a headset?

The team at Imverse spent five years building this incredible technology at EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne. “We were working on this before Oculus was even created,” says co-founder Javier Bello Ruiz. Now its real-time mixed reality engine is ready for public demos, debuting this month at Sundance Film Festival.

Imverse‘s tech has the power to make VR seem much more believable and easy to adjust to — which is critical as the industry tries to grow headset ownership amongst mainstream buyers. The startup wants to become a foundational software platform for the development experiences, like Unity or Unreal. But even if their commercialization stumbles, one of the VR giants would probably love to buy Imverse’s tech.

Below you can see my demo video of Imverse’s mixed reality engine from Sundance 2018: