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Got a broken iPad Air? Apple may fix it for free

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Own a third-generation iPad Air that’s suffering from a display issue? Apple may fix your issue for free under a new service program.

Apple has published a new service program outlining a problem affecting the display, where it “may go blank permanently.” According to Apple, there may be a “brief flicker or flash” before the screen goes blank.

The third-generation iPad Air is the current model, announced on March 18, 2019, so the earliest of these devices will now almost a year old. This service program covers affected iPad Air tablets for two years from the date of the first retail sale.

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If this sounds like a problem you are experiencing, time to find an Apple Authorized Service Provider, make an appointment at an Apple Retail Store or contact Apple Support to arrange mail-in service.

Note that if the display on the iPad Air is broken, Apple says you will need to rectify this issue before getting the blank display problem fixed.

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