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Gear up for great Christmas gift-buying

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Lego Bugatti Chiron (Image: Lego)

Lego Bugatti Chiron 

Price: £329.99 

From: shop.lego.com/00800 5346 5555 

If your loved-one doesn’t leave you a £2.5 million Bugatti Chiron under the tree (and let’s face it, that’ll likely be most of us), this is the next best thing. 

Yes, it might be rather pricier than most Lego sets you’re used to, but on the upside you do get a 22in long and 9in wide model of the famous hypercar with a detailed W16 engine with moving pistons and even its own serial number. 

The only downside is that with vacuum bag-filling 3,600 pieces, you might not see your family until Christmas 2019, which might not be a bad thing.

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

JCB Digger Racing (Image: JCB)

JCB Digger Racing 

Price: £128 

From: buyagift.co.uk/0208 275 5220 

Never mind Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, this is where racing gets really dirty. 

Hosted at one of Diggerland’s three UK sites, you get to race around a pre-set course against others while completing tasks along the route. 

If you can’t enjoy this, then you’d better check your pulse as you might be dead.

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Motorsport socks (Image: Me and my car)

Motorsport socks 

Price: £9 

From: meandmycar.co.uk/ 01865 883061 

It wouldn’t be Christmas without giving your other half at least one pair of socks. 

If they’re into their historical motor racing, then these racing-inspired toe warmers should do the trick perfectly. 

We especially love the Gulf and Lotus-coloured pairs.

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Retro oil can mugs (Image: meandmycar)

Retro oil can mugs 

Price: £10 

From: meandmycar.co.uk/01865 883061 

Motorists of a certain, ahem, maturity will remember buying engine oil in small cans. 

We think these oil-can mugs with their purposely dirty retro designs are an absolute delight. 

The old style looks from Shell, STP, Mobil and others are so uncannily accurate that any mechanic wouldn’t look twice at them on a garage shelf.

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

T-Lab Motorsport T-Shirts (Image: T-lab)

T-Lab Motorsport T-Shirts 

Price: from £25 

From: T-lab.eu/07936 464043 

If you like your motorsport then check out T-Lab’s range of specialist T-shirts. 

Using images or outlines of well-known circuits or individual corners, they’re a great gift for any motorsport fan.

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Citroen 2CV model (Image: Getty Images)

Citroen 2CV model 

Price: £65 

From: lifestyle.citroen.com/0800 093 9393 

For all our love of model supercars, this 1:18 scale mimosa yellow 1978 Citroen 2CV has won our hearts. 

Included in a new lifestyle brochure, this 2CV is part of the French firm’s new range celebrating its past and present with plenty of flair. 


motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Land Rover Explore Smartphone (Image: Land Rover)

Land Rover Explore Smartphone

Price: £599 

From: landroverexplore.com/0203 092 8584 

Do you drop your mobile phone a lot?

If only there was a smartphone that could wouldn’t break after being dropped from a 1.8 metre height or could survive going under water and be controlled while still wearing gloves or with wet fingers. 

Welcome to the Land Rover Explore, which can do all that along with enough battery power to last for two full days of constant use. 

As the name suggests, it’s a phone that’s as tough as a Land Rover.

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck (Image: smythstoys.com)

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck 

Price: £69.99 

From: smythstoys.com/ 0800 206 1191 

Be there at the double and help Marshall save the day with this Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck. 

As well as flashing lights and sounds, the ladder extends up to 2-foot high and can rotate while also fi ring rockets.

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Motorbike soaps (Image: meandmycar)

Motorbike soaps 

Price: £11.50 

From: meandmycar.co.uk/01865 883061 

Clean up like Crutchlow or take a dip with Dovizioso with this brilliant boxed pair of motorbike soaps.

Not so much soap-on-a-rope as a bike-in-the-bath.

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Haynes 2019 Desk Diary (Image: expressbookshop)

Haynes 2019 Desk Diary 

Price: £12.99 

From: expressbookshop.co.uk/01872 562310 

If, like us, you still keep a paper diary, this should definitely top your list. 

The start of each month features a two page spread of one of its classic technical drawings, including the Ford Escort Mexico and Triumph 500 Daytona.

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Jaguar XE First Drive for juniors (Image: Getty Images)

Jaguar XE First Drive for juniors 

Price: £74 

From: buyagift.co.uk/ 0208 275 5220 

Lots of locations offer driving lessons for under 17s to properly get behind the wheel, few though can offer a full hour at the wheel of a car as special as a Jaguar XE. 

Carried out in dual control cars, the experience is for 11-17 year olds with a minimum height requirement of 1.42m.

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash (Image: Hot Wheels)

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash 

Price: £49.99 

From: hotwheels.com/01628 500000 

The motoring desk love Hot Wheels and this new Corkscrew Crash set from Mattel is crazier and more frenzied than ever. 

A triple loop, crash zones and boosters to power cars on will have cars just missing or smashing together at speed. 

Addictive stuff, but make sure dad lets the children have a go once in a while!

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Norr Nuna car seat (Image: Norr Nuna)

Norr Nuna car seat 

Price: £350 

From: nuna.eu/uk/0800 952 0062 

If you expect the pitter-patter of little feet in 2019, along with sleep deprivation and thousands of wet wipes, this brilliant Norr Nuna car seat is for you. 

Suitable from birth up to four years, it can rotate for easy loading and has seven recline positions for blissfully peaceful sleep. I-Size approved.

motoring cars christmas shopping gear nat barnes

Bburago 1:18 Formula One Ferrari (Image: Ferrari)

Bburago 1:18 Formula One Ferrari 

Price: £75 

From: tobar.co.uk/01603 397105 

Leave me alone with my presents, I know what I’m doing. 

Pretend to be Kimi Räikkõnen in his last days as a Ferrari Grand Prix driver, with this exquisitely-detailed Bburago 1:18 model. 

Finns just won’t be the same with him back at Sauber in 2019.

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