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Best cheap phone in 2021

No matter how you slice it, the price of flagships is still a deterrent for many folks. Thankfully, there are some outstanding affordable alternatives that have significantly improved over the past few years. Various manufacturers, including many from China and Korea, have compelling products that are becoming more popular as ...

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Best old phone to buy in 2021

Could last year’s flagship be your ideal phone?  High-end flagship smartphones appear in advertisements and dominate review headlines, but these innovative smartphones are often priced at $1,000 or more. With smartphones being released with high-quality components, durable features, and the capability to receive software updates, phones that were flagships one ...

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iOS 14 tips and tricks: Six useful Settings app features

There’s a lot of awesome goodness buried in the iOS Settings app. I’m amazed that after all the years I’ve been using an iPhone, I’m still finding cool features. There are a lot of awesome features built into iOS. Problem is, unless you know they are there, you won’t know ...

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iPhone 12 or iPhone 11: Which iPhone should you buy?

Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup was released at the end of 2020, boasting a total of four different models, with varying features, screen sizes and price points. But as the case has often been, Apple didn’t drop the 2019 iPhone 11 models from its lineup.  Well, some of the iPhone 11 ...

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iPhone 12 magnet array can disrupt implantable medical devices

Image: Joshua C. Greenberg, MD, Mahmoud R. Altawil, MD,Gurjit Singh, MD The new magnetic circular array introduced in iPhone 12 smartphones last year to support the MagSafe charging technology can disrupt implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) medical devices. The warning comes from three cardiac electrophysiology doctors from the Henry Ford Heart and ...

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