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March, 2019

  • 24 March

    Ford: Edge just doesn't cut it

    The Edge is an imposing-looking car, with a very apparent American SUV styling sensibility (Image: Ford/ Handout) British drivers were happy with their hatchbacks and superminis. We didn’t have mountain and desert trails and four-lane highways that stretched for hundreds and hundreds of miles, so a big 4×4 was the ...

  • 21 March

    New cars at risk of being broken into in seconds REVEALED in shock test

    Keyless entry car theft is on the rise in Britain (Image: GETTY) A new vehicle safety test has made it easier for motorists to determine whether or not their car is at risk of keyless entry theft. Safety experts at Thatcham Research has today launched security ratings to help consumers ...

  • 18 March

    Car insurance – Errors you need to avoid as they can invalidate your insurance policy

    Car insurance is complex to calculate and there are multiple factors that can affect the overall cost of the premium. Things such as your environment, what car you drive, where you keep it and what you do with it on the roads can affect and alter the price of it. ...

  • 12 March

    End the school run – Ban parents from driving children to school, urges health experts

    School run ban urged by health experts (Image: GETTY) Cars should be banned near schools to slash air pollution and improve the health of children, urges health experts. A new Public Health England (PHE) report calls for a number of measures to be introduced to improve air pollution. They include ...

  • 9 March

    Motoring: Geneva 2019 motoring show

    The Mercedes CLA shooting brake (Image: Twitter) MERCEDES CLA SHOOTING BRAKE On sale: autumn Price: est from £29,000 This new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake may not look strikingly different to its predecessor, but it’s longer, lower and wider with more interior space and a shape slightly reminiscent of the AMG ...

  • 8 March

    Dashboard warning lights – Are you aware of what these essential car symbols mean?

    Dashboard warning lights communicate vital information about a car to the driver (Image: GETTY) Dashboard warning lights convey critical information about a car to the driver. It is vital that motorists have an understanding of what certain warning lights are to ensure they remain safe on the roads in Britain. ...

  • 4 March

    ULEZ could cost you £24 a day – Here’s how you can avoid paying the charge altogether

    The all-new Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) will be introduced in a matter of weeks and it will charge drivers a daily fee if they do not meet the required emissions standard. Tens of thousands of car and van owners across London will be required to pay the charge if ...

  • 3 March

    Driver WARNING – Things drivers don’t consider when buying a new car that could cost you

    Buying a car tips could help you get the best deal (Image: GETTY) Buying a new car can be an incredibly daunting process with there being many factors to consider. With purchasing a new car or selecting a suitable finance deal being so difficult, drivers could end up landing a ...

  • 2 March

    Car insurance ALERT – Millions of motorists overcharged for their cover for simple reason

    Shock new research has revealed that millions of motorists could be being overcharged for their car insurance premium in the UK.  Pay-per-mile insurance firm By Miles has analysed over 2.5 million insurance quotes rebelling that low-mileage drivers are paying over the odds for their cover.  Department for Transport data shows ...

February, 2019

  • 28 February

    'Demonised' diesel cars actually CLEANER than some new models finds shock new test

    New emissions test comes into reveal highly polluting vehicles (Image: LAND ROVER) A new independent emissions test and grading system has been released which measure the levels of toxic nitrogen oxides vehicles emit. AIR Index is an international, independent and standardised rating system that reveals accurately how much pollution a ...