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March, 2021

February, 2021

  • 17 February

    Car tax bands: How to check my car tax amount

    CAR TAX bands, otherwise known as Vehicle Excise Duty , divides people’s dues depending on their car emissions and fuel types. How do you check your car tax amount? Source link

November, 2020

September, 2020

  • 2 September

    How many minors can you get in a driving test?

    DRIVING tests are back on the cards once more as the Government scales back its coronavirus guidelines, either to the joy or dismay of trainee drivers. How many minors can you get in a driving test? Source link

July, 2020

June, 2020

February, 2020

  • 24 February

    Rotherhithe Tunnel signage is 'not clear' as motorists claim they are 'mugged off'

    The signs were found to be “legally compliant” but an adjudicator observed the two-tonne weight limit was “unusually low”. Signs at the Rotherhithe Tunnel state vehicles more than two tonnes in weight are banned from entering the area due to safety concerns. Clive Wiltshire says the logo usually features weight restrictions between 7.5 and ...

  • 3 February

    Clever tech wakes up motorists falling asleep while driving at night

    22 percent of drivers said they had found themselves nodding off to sleep on the road [FILE PIC] (Image: ViktorCap/Getty Images) Fatigue was the cause of 62 fatal road accidents and more than 1,500 RTAs on UK roads in 2018, according to the most recent Department for Transport records. But ...

June, 2019