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Aussie Broadband outage takes down telco's own site and lines


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A lunchtime outage has hit Victorian customers of Aussie Broadband, as well as the telco’s own infrastructure and website.

“We are currently experiencing a Victorian wide outage. Our website and our phone line is also affected. We will have more details soon. Thanks so much for your patience,” the company tweeted at 1:35pm AEST.

Half an hour later, the company said it saw systems coming back online, and its site was reachable again. It suggested customers restart their routers if not yet reconnected.

By 3:21pm AEST, the company said its system were fully back online.

Earlier this week the telco announced its move into the white label market, allowing others to sell its NBN, Opticomm, and VoIP services.

The company already has one customer shifting 25,000 services onto its network in the 2022 financial year, but has chosen not to name them.

The company on Tuesday also updated its number of connections as of the end of March. Residential broadband connections now sit at 340,000, with 33,500 business broadband customers. Overall, the company added 30,400 services to its network in the first quarter of the calendar year.

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