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Apple Siri Shortcuts vs Samsung Bixby Quick Commands: Automation tools that can increase your productivity

Samsung says Bixby 2.0 coming in Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Electronics will roll out Bixby 2.0, an updated version of its virtual assistant, on the Galaxy Note 9 at the earliest, the company’s mobile boss has revealed at MWC. Read more: http://zd.net/2ET4nue

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, and Samsung Bixby are all available voice assistants that help you find information, navigate hands-free, have some fun, and manipulate some basic device settings. However, there are some advanced aspects of a couple of these services that dive deeper into the control of the device and serve at automation tools more than as simple digital assistants.

Last week we saw the release of Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 Plus, see our first take, with the familiar Bixby button on the left side of the device. Many lament Samsung’s insistence in dedicating a hardware button to Bixby, but if you spend the time exploring its functionality then you may come away recognizing its power to improve your workflow.

Apple’s Siri is also often tested against Google Assistant with most results showing Google trumps Apple in terms of search results. However, Apple has a functionality called Siri Shortcuts that is best compared with Samsung Bixby Quick Commands. Let’s take a closer look at how these automation tools stack up.

Samsung Bixby Quick Commands

With your Samsung device in hand, you can say “Hi Bixby” or press the Bixby button to launch Bixby and ask it questions to have it search from answers. You can also have it dive into your calendar, contacts, image gallery, Spotify, and many more apps to have multiple actions initiated within those apps and services. However, for the ultimate in productivity and efficiency, tap the three dot menu in Bixby and choose Quick Commands.

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Recommended Quick Commands are presented in productivity, daily routine, lifestyle, and place categories with two to five sample Quick Commands contained in these categories. You can choose one of these that are already created and use it as is or select it and edit it to your heart’s desire. If none of these interest you, jump over to My Commands and start creating.

Bixby Quick Commands can be setup to just perform one task, but in my experiences you can just use Bixby or Google Assistant for those types of automation in most cases. The real power of Bixby Quick Commands is the ability to have Bixby perform multiple functions in one single automation process that you create.

Tap the plus icon to add a Quick Command and the creation display opens up. Enter a word or phrase that you will say to Bixby to initiate your Quick Command. Below the line that states, “What Bixby does” is where you tap the plus sign and start adding commands. There are three options for entering commands; select a command from a list of common commands, say a command by talking to Bixby, and using the keyboard to enter a command in written form. Most of the time I say the command, but if something is not working right then try to select a command as those are proven to work.