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A Samsung devotee gives her verdict on Apple's new iPhone SE


She’d definitely choose the black.

Apple, Inc.

Apple’s new iPhone SE is, oh, whatever you want to believe.

It’s an Android challenger. It’s a small, cheap iPhone. It’s the gateway to a lifetime in the Apple ecosystem.

I’m guessing however, that it’s aimed at those who are really tired of paying silly money for a phone and just want to take nice pictures, follow all the world’s bad news, look at Instagram and text a lot.

Which made me think, yet again, of my wife.

Regular readers and those regularly enduring difficult Sunday mornings will remember that when my wife saw the Samsung Galaxy S20, she wasn’t moved. She’s been perfectly happy with her Galaxy S7 for four years, yet knows it may soon need to be put down.

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On the whole, she’s viscerally anti-Apple. Yet, I conducted an experiment to see if the iPhone SE 2020 would stir her.

My imprecise research method — shameful, given that my wife is a scientist — was to show her Apple’s new SE 2020 ad. (Well, I couldn’t put the phone in her hand, could I?)

Her reactions were quite something.